Created in 1995, Sotexpro is a subsidiary of Gemef Industries, a family owned company since 1897 who has acquired a unique expertise in the field of pulses production and processing them into ingredients.
Therefore, since its inception, Sotexpro processes in its Bermericourt (France) plant, faba bean (vicia faba), yellow pea (pisum sativum) and soya into nutritional and functional ingredients used by animal feed and human food industries.

These high-tech functional ingredients are developed based on pulses milling and extrusion cooking expertise.

Our plant is certified ISO 22000. All our ingredients are manufactured on specialized production lines while our monitoring plans help guarantee their traceability as well as regularity. We are able to meet all the requirements of our industrial clients (gluten free, GMO-free…)

Our Research & Development based on the Aix en Provence site (France) can develop specific products for your application or optimize an ingredient in line with your requirements.

Faba bean seed

Composition (% dry solid) :

  • Proteins 29%
  • Starch 43%
  • Fat 1,7%
  • Mineral 4%
  • Fiber 9,3%

Yellow smooth pea seed white flowered ( without tannin)

Composition (% dry solid) :

  • Proteins 24%
  • Starch 51%
  • Fat 1,1%
  • Mineral 3.5%
  • Fiber 6%

Soya seed GMO free (PCR analysis)

Composition (% dry solid) :

  • Protein 39%
  • Starch 0%
  • Fat 20%
  • Mineral 5,9%
  • Fiber 5,9%